Booking Through Thursday – Sunshine and Roses

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This is the reverse of last week’s question.

“Imagine that everything is going just swimmingly. The sun is shining, the
birds are singing, and all’s right with the world. You’re practically bouncing
from health and have money in your pocket. The kids are playing and laughing,
the puppy is chewing in the cutest possible manner on an officially-sanctioned
chew toy, and in between moments of laughter for pure joy, you pick up a book to
read . . . What is it?”

Hmm. I would probably use this time to read one of the books that I’ve had a hard time keeping focused on. There are just some books that I can’t read anywhere like I can most books. Or at least I understand it and follow it better if things are going well. So I’d probably crack a larger, smaller print, higher reading level book. I can’t think of any specific book or author I’d want to read in this situation.

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