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Okay I finally did it. I’ve been trying to come up with a challenge of my own to offer but didn’t want to do one that had already been taken. Unless I missed it, I have not seen a challenge with this theme yet.

This challenge will run September 1 – December 1. (3 months)

Your challenge is to pick and read at least 3 books that were made into movies. There is a LARGE list here.

You can use books that fulfill other challenges if you want but you must read them AFTER Sept. 1. I’m working on a prize, stay tuned. In order to be eligible for the prize, you must sign up BEFORE Sept 1 and have read and reviewed at least one of your books. (Note to self: up to number 44 is eligible.)

Non-bloggers are welcome to join, just post your picks in the comments of this post and post your thoughts on the books in the comments too. You must sign up before Sept 1 to be eligible for the prize too and you must come back to review at least one of your books.

If you’d like to participate, pick your books (at least 3) and post them on your blog with a link back to this challenge so others can participate. Then come back here and add yourself to the Mr. Linky. Check back here for other participants and more news.

It is not required that you watch the movies and compare them to the books but this would be a good idea if you want to.

My choices are here.

Mr. Linky is working now, add your posts! Please link to the specific post that details your choices, not to your main blog.

Here are some links to other blog posts/websites that I thought you all might be interested in.

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Also for those who get Star TV (Cogeco Cable) there is a show called Books into Film that highlights books that were made into films and how well they did etc….

Also check out the Book to Film Blog.

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