Banned Books Week: Day 2

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Well I’m half-way through Animal Farm by George Orwell now. I’m the farthest thing from a History Buff so I don’t know anything about Stalin or Trotsky so I don’t really get the satire but the story itself is good so far. It’s very interesting.

So are you wondering what books are banned? What about just challenged? Challenged books are books that people have complained about. Some have been removed from the local or school library, some were kept.

Here are some places to get a listing of banned books. Not all books that were banned before are currently banned and they may be banned by one place and not another which is why there isn’t just one place to look.

ILA’s Banned and Challenged Books Brochure – In PDF format, a separate file for each year.
Top 10 Banned Classics – from
100 Most Challenged Books of 1990-2000 – from ALA

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