Magic or Madness by Justine Larbalestier

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Stars: *****
This is a YA book but I was completely enthralled. I like all books that have to do with magic or witches but this book takes the cake.
I don’t usually do a synopsis but here’s a short one: Reason and her mother Sarafina are on the run from Reason’s grandmother Esmerelda. However, when Sarafina goes crazy, Reason is placed with her grandmother. Nothing about Esmerelda’s home in Syndey, Australia is what she expected and when she walks through the back door and ends up in New York City, she has to face the facts. Magic is real.
This book takes place in Australia AND the US and when Reason, who has never been outside of Australia before, ends up in the US, you can just imagine how strange it must be for her. She goes from summer to winter, day time to night time, Tuesday to Monday. The New Yorkers speak English but it’s a different English and often she finds herself asking what something means or explaining what she is saying. I found this part of the book extremely interesting. It was neat to think about what a foreigner would think of North America. It reminded me of when my Floridian cousin first saw snow. I am beyond happy to see that this in but book one in the trilogy! I am off to find book 2 as I can’t wait to know what happens next.
Here is the author’s web page where you can find out more about the trilogy, her other two books and read her blog:
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