Cats to the Rescue: True Tales of Heroic Felines by Marilyn Singer

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Stars: ***

This book has great stories but it should have been set up differently. I had trouble keeping focused because where a story started and stopped wasn’t clear. I think it would have been easier and more fun to read if it was a glossy, colourful book.

Singer tells the stories of heroic and amazing cats that have rescued owners and other animals, alerted people to medical conditions (such as diabetic shock), caught a large number of mice, helped people emotionally, were in the war and more.

The story that was most amazing to me was the story of Marty who climbed into a hole in the ground while workers were laying down a patio. Not knowing the cat was there, the concrete slab was laid down over top of him. Eleven days later, the cat showed up covered in dirt and with all his claws ripped out. Apparently Marty had dug his way out of the hole. He must have gotten air by following the routes mice use underground.

The story that was the most amusing was the story of Guffey, Colorado and their cat mayors. Yep you read that right. In the mid 1980’s, a cat named Paisley was elected as mayor. The town got such publicity that the county took notice and paved some of their roads and built a community center. After Paisley was Smudge LaPlume, then Wiffy LaGone and in 1993, a golden retriever held the position for a short time until the city decided to have a formal election and they elected Monster, a black cat, who beat out two dogs and a cockatiel. In case you are wondering, as of 1993 the population of this city was 26.

If you can get around the bland layout of the text, there are some great stories.

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