Woman: An Intimate Geography by Natalie Angier

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Stars: *****

This is by far the BEST book on women I’ve ever read. It has lots of technical stuff so it took a while to read but it wasn’t boring at all. I learned LOTS and I want to get a copy of the book myself to go back to. It even makes me want to go into women’s studies. The sections are about: Egg, Chromosomes, The Default Sex, Clitoris, Uterus, Losing Uterus, Breast, Breast Milk, Ovary, Hormones, Estrogen and Desire, Can We Live Without Estrogen?, Mothers, Grandmothers, Testosterone, Aggression, Muscle, Bondage (love), Evolutionary Psychology and Revolutionary Psychology.

Estrogen and Testosterone are completely misunderstood and you should read the chapters on Estrogen before you go through menopause. Read the chapters on the uterus before deciding on a hysterectomy. Read about the egg, chromosomes, uterus, ovary and breast milk before getting pregnant.

I firmly believe every woman should read this book.

Updated Note Nov 2009:
Eva from A Striped Armchair has read the book and she wrote an AWESOME review of that explains why this book is important for every woman to read better that I could in 2007 when I wrote this review.

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