A Life Like Mine by DK Publishing

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A Life Like MineStars: *****

This is a spectacular masterpiece from UNICEF. It not only shows life for 18 or so children from different parts of the world but give invaluable information about what children need to survive and what people are doing to ensure that all children get these needs fulfilled. The whole book is divided into 4 main chapters, Survival, Development, Protection and Participation. At the beginning of each of those chapters, is a definition of the word and basic ideas under those. E.g. Survival, definition, Water, Food, Home and Health.

Then each of those is investigated more deeply. Water is first, after the introduction we see how much water most of us in North America use and how much water some countries have to manage with. Also reasons why some places don’t have enough (clean) water. Then it’s the story of children in a few places and how and where they get water from. Then it’s the personal story of one child, with water as it’s main theme. This setup is continued throughout the book using topics such as food, health, development, education, playing, war, child labour, disabilities, feelings, religion, name, nationality and freedom of expression. This is an awe inspiring and humbling book that I recommend to all who work with children and all who care about children the world over.

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