Witchcraft Today, Book Two by Chas. S. Clifton

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Stars: ****

I found Witchcraft Today book One and Two a good read.
Book two has short essays from well-known Neopagans on a variety of subjects including Childbirth and Wiccaning, Raising a Pagan Child, Adolescence, Early Adulthood, Underaged Seeker, Conversion to Wicca, Military Service, Handfasting, Puberty Rites, Illness, Grief, Loss, After 40 and Rites of dying. There aren’t many books out there on these subjects. Some contributors Patricia Telesco, Grey Cat, Oz and more.

After each essay is a short bio of the author and the book containes black and white photos, some of which are very interesting to look at. Also, after some of the essays, is a list of suggested reading if you want to learn more about the particular subject.

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