Everyday Magic by Dorothy Morrison

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Stars: *****

Even though “spells” aren’t everything, this book comes in real handy. To some elders in the craft, it may sound childish, a book of spells, but that’s not what it is. It’s more than that.
It includes information needed to write your own spells as well as good spells for the modern witch. Topics include: Divorce, Gardening, Habits, Negative Energy, Unwanted Guests, PMS, Wisdom and more. She includes three appendices in the back of the book: Magical Uses of Herbs, Plants and Flowers, the Magical Uses of Stones and Dieties and Their Magical Associations.

Dorothy Morrison presents the spells and rituals in an easy to understand format. She offers spells and rituals from very easy which are basically light a candle and say a chant to much more involved ones which require stones and herbs. The thing is, she makes it fairly easy to find a substitute if you don’t have what the spell calls for.

This is by far the best book of spells and rituals I have seen thus far and I recommend it whole heartedly.

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