Eats by Marthe Jocelyn

I received a copy of this book to review from Tundra Books. Stars: *** A cute and simple book about what different animals eat. There’s a picture of the animal and what it eats and the only words are the name of the animal and the name of the food. My toddler likes it and… Read More »

Death in Kingsport by Curtis Parkinson

Stars: **** I received this book to review from Tundra Books. Summary: When 14 year old Neil’s uncle Chester dies, Neil is lonely. At his uncle’s cremation, he hears thumping in the coffin just as it’s put into the flames. Could Uncle Chester be alive? So Neil starts an investigation. A disembodied voice in an… Read More »

First Times Compiled by Marthe Jocelyn

Stars: *** I received this book from Tundra Books for review and read it during the Read-a-thon. I also read it for the Baby Steps challenge. First Times is a collection of stories about “first times” but not the usual ones you read about, with a few exceptions. First time falling for pervert’s trick, first… Read More »