The Accidental Plague Diaries

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This is a book review of The Accidental Plague Diaries: A COVID-19 Pandemic Experience by Andrew Duxbury MD

This is a book review of The Accidental Plague Diaries: A COVID-19 Pandemic Experience by Andrew Duxbury MD

Stars: ****

Singular Books (2021)
360 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: Everyone has a COVID pandemic story to tell. Dr. Andrew Duxbury has many: stories of a veteran geriatric physician caring for the most fragile patients in a university health system and in rural homes in the Deep South; stories of his concern for family, friends, fellow practitioners, and the state of our healthcare system nationwide; stories of his own isolation, of the loss of simple pleasures and passionate pastimes; stories of policies and politics that contributed to tens of thousands of needless deaths as well-known preventative measures were actively discouraged by state and local governments and exacerbated by cultural divides.

This is a rare account of a rare time in American history, a contemporaneous record from the end of “normal”, and the anxiety and despair felt by all, to the beginning of fragile hope for a better future.

The Accidental Plague Diaries

This book is exactly what it sounds like, a diary from 2020 about the pandemic and other worldly news that turned into a book because it became so long. It was very interesting to read. Even though I lived through 2020 as well, we all experienced it in a different way.

The author works in geriatrics and lives in the USA. He loves the arts and had to stop doing plays because of the shutdowns. You get to see his very thoughtful ideas about what we all had to go through in one way or another. If you want to see how others fared 2020, this is a good book for that.

Some parts were more captivating than others of course but overall it was a good read. It’s amazing how we can all experience the same pandemic (and other issues) and see it from different angles and have different experiences.

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