Awakening Consciousness: A Girl’s Guide & A Boy’s Guide by Robin Marvel

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Stars: ***1/2

This review is for both books at once as they have only minor differences.

Summary: These are workbooks designed to encourage spiritual growth, inner strength and self awareness. The exercises are a bit different in each book as outlined below.

Girl’s Guide: Your chakras, keep a healthy aura, learn the pendulum, aromatherapy crafts, crystals, explore inner self, create your own future.

Boy’s Guide: Make a drum, find your totem, discover spirit guide, Native-American lore, chakras, crystals, Pendulum, strong aura, self-esteem.

All though I do think it’s a good idea to have separate guides for boys and girls I think it would have made more sense to make them different in the text and specific activities perhaps, not necessarily different activities. I would make the drum and find the totem with my girls and I would teach aromatherapy to my boy.

In general the idea of the books is awesome, however I do think the books have some problems.

Girl’s Guide:

  • Mainly it wasn’t edited enough, or at all. There were grammatical errors, missing words and repeated words. There’s a section on ESP that says to pick 5 designs and then right after says you have 3 designs. The instructions are bit messed up although I’m sure most people can figure it out themselves.
  • The word bestie is used which I didn’t know meant best friend. I work with Girl Guides and have heard all kinds of slang and short forms, never heard Bestie. I don’t think it’s a good idea to use slang in a book anyway because as the book gets older, the term would be not in use anymore.

In Both:

  • We are given a section to write down tarot readings but it’s not like tarot cards come with the book or we are taught much about them. I’m not sure the purpose of that section. The boy’s guide is only a little better in that it suggests a book to explain tarot and doesn’t sound as if you must have cards already.
  • The dream section says to look up your dreams in a dream dictionary to keep track of what your subconscious may be telling you. The boy’s guide is even more adamant that you MUST look up your dreams in a book to know what they mean. Dreambooks aren’t definite meanings though, they are just ideas and they even say in small print in them that it’s mostly just for fun. 

Despite all this the book has it’s merits and I can use what I want out of it which would be most of it. Also the chakracize (chakra exercises) is the best part of the book with photos to go along with it. I just think they need to be reprinted with proper editing and more thought.

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