Home-spun Schools by Raymond & Dorothy Moore

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Stars: ***

The full title is Home-spun Schools: Teaching Children at Home – What Parents Are Doing and How They Are Doing It. I read this book for the Casual Reading Challenge and 888 Challenge plus I got it through BookMooch.

This book is similar to Real-Life Homeschooling in that it’s stories of families through their words. However it was written in 1982 and you can really tell when you read the stories. I know it wasn’t really that long ago but in regards to Homeschooling Laws, it was ages ago. Almost all the families had to go to court to defend the right to homeschool. In fact it was because of some of these families that we have an easier time now.

Also these families not only believe in home education, either for a few years or for their whole education, but also in no formal education until at least 8 years of age. Raymond & Dorothy Moore also have written books titled Better Late Than Early and School Can Wait which chronicles all their research about the subject of delaying formal education. So most of these families did a non-formal version of homeschooling until their child went to school while some liked it so much they kept up with homeschooling. Also all the families are Christian and while you can read it even if you aren’t Christian, you will identify with it more if you are. For example most of their reasons for homeschooling had something to do with their religion.

It was an okay book, especially if you are looking for a peek into Christian homeschooling families or into what hardships some homeschooling families have gone through, it’s just a little dated.

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