Twins: An Investigation into the Strange Coincidences in the Lives of Separated Twins by Peter Watson

Stars: **** This is one of the best books on Twins and the similarities and differences between them and whether they are from nature or nurture. The only reason I did not rate the book 5 stars is because a few chapters are long and monotonous and I lost interest in them and because is… Read More »

Orphan: A True Story of Abandonment, Abuse and Redemption by Roger Dean Kiser

Stars: ***** I must have said “Oh my Goodness” or it’s equivalent at least 10 times throughout this book. Once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down and read it straight through without stopping for any reason. It took me one hour. This is a horrifying book. It appalles me that anything like… Read More »

A Far Cry from Home: Life in a Shelter for Homeless Women by Lisa Ferill

Stars: ***** Those of us who have families and homes pretend the homeless don’t exist. The author of this book used to do that too until she accepted a traineeship position from her school to help out at a women’s shelter. I am thankful for what I have, meager as it may be because it… Read More »

A Piaget Primer by Dorothy G. Singer and Tracey A. Revenson

Stars: ****1/2 I have always found it hard to read Jean Piaget’s work on children but I wanted to know what he had studied and found out. This book is the perfect answer. It gives an overview of his work in an easy to understand format. Now that I know the basics of his work,… Read More »

Fast Girls: Teenage Tribes and the Myth of the Slut by Emily White

Stars: ***** Would never have guessed that a whole book could be filled up just talking about sluts. This was a very interesting book. I love books that interview lots of people and include their thoughts so that the book isn’t from just one person’s point of view but from many. From the interviews, I… Read More »

Flight of the Stork by Anne Bernstein

Stars: *** The book is labelled as What Children Think (and When) about Sex and Family Building. I expected it to be more like a humour book with kids answers to questions about what sex is and where babies come from. Sort of like Kids Say the Darndest Things about Sex. I was wrong. It… Read More »

Tomorrow’s Baby by Thomas Verny

Stars: **** I thoroughly enjoyed reading Tomorrow’s Baby. I learned lots of new things such as the fact that the ova (egg) is always fertilized when sperm are about but the woman’s body sometimes aborts it because of the male cells. The woman’s body thinks it’s an intruder. Also that at only 28 days old,… Read More »