Magic House by Teresa Moorey

Stars: **** The full title of this book is Magic House: Practical Magic for a Harmonious Home. This is a beautiful book for those wanting to make their home more Pagan Like and also for those who want to feel more confortable in their homes. Teresa shows you how colour and scent can make or… Read More »

One Thing at a Time by Cindy Glovinsky

Stars: ****1/2 I haven’t read her first book but I have read lots of clutter and cleaning books and this is definitely one of the best. It’s written with each idea as a paragraph so it’s easy to read and stay focused. She doesn’t suggest trying all ideas at once but to pick the one… Read More »

A Life Like Mine by DK Publishing

Stars: ***** This is a spectacular masterpiece from UNICEF. It not only shows life for 18 or so children from different parts of the world but give invaluable information about what children need to survive and what people are doing to ensure that all children get these needs fulfilled. The whole book is divided into… Read More »

The Rainbow in your Life by Maryanne E. Hoffman

Stars: ***** Ever feel like something’s just not right? You’ve been feeling blah but you aren’t sad? Feel out of synch? Not harmonized? Then you need this book.The Rainbow in your Life talks about how different colours affect you and they way you think and act. There is a GREAT quiz that helps you decide… Read More »