Books with an Environment Theme

Earth Hour is tomorrow at 8:30pm. Don’t forget to turn off your lights and electronics for at least a on hour span to help conserve energy and make a statement! In honour of Earth Hour, I wanted to highlight some environmentally friendly or environment related books I’ve reviewed here. Observing/Learning About our EarthEarth from Above:… Read More »

Barnes and Noble Ratings and YA (Young Adult)

By now you may or may not have seen a blog post at Meg Cabot’s blog about Barnes and Noble’s new rating system. Go over there for the full post but the very basics of it is that Barnes and Noble, in conjunction with Common Sense Media designed a rating system so that books for… Read More »

Let’s Discuss Nonfiction

Note: I’m looking for feedback. Please consider commenting about your thoughts on nonfiction as well as your thoughts on my post in general. Thanks. When you think nonfiction, what sorts of books come to mind? Textbooks? How-To Manuals? Essays? Scientific Papers? Biographies? There are many different kinds of nonfiction books out there, on any subject.… Read More »

Read an E-Book Week Update

I wanted to share some tweets I’ve been seeing around related to e-books this week. Even if you aren’t on twitter you can follow the links and check it out! You can also check out the #ebooks hashtag for more ebook tweets! You may also want to follow @bantamspectra @PaulaatAME and @BookBrowse on twitter or… Read More »

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman – Article

I was supposed to review this book by today but my copy arrived late and I haven’t had time to finish reading it yet. So here’s an article that was sent to me by the PR Company. Enjoy! “Sooo… Want to go on a double date with my parents?” That’s how my journey with The… Read More »

Interesting Links

I was surfing the web and found these… Gather No Dust: Libraries, Management & Technology– a blog of interest to those into libraries, especially American ones 100 Awesome Bookhacks for Students & Bibliphiles– 100 interesting ideas, things to do/make or websites to make use of This post is Copyright 2001-2012 SMS Book Reviews. Do not… Read More »

My site is listed in an e-book!

This book review blog is listed as a writer’s resource in the recently released 2nd edition of Purple Snowflake Marketing – How to Make Your Book Stand Out in a Crowd by Dave and Lillian Brummet I’m listed in Appendix V: Author Friendly Blogs. Here’s some more information about the book. It’s by the same… Read More »