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A book review of Home Made Lovely: Creating the Home You’ve Always Wanted by Shannon Acheson

A book review of Home Made Lovely: Creating the Home You've Always Wanted by Shannon Acheson

Stars: ****

Bethany House Publishers (2020)
Interior Design
192 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: Everyone wants a home that is beautiful and clutter free. But most of us are unsure how to get there without breaking the bank. Popular interior designer Shannon Acheson takes the guesswork out of creating a lovely home. Home Made Lovely is a mind-set: decorating should be about those who live there, rather than making your home into a magazine-worthy spread. Shannon walks you through how to
· decorate in a way that suits your family’s real life
· declutter in seven simple steps
· perform a house blessing to dedicate your home to God
· be thankful for your current home and what you already have
· brush up on hospitality with more than 20 actionable ideas that will make anyone feel welcome and loved in your home

In Home Made Lovely, Shannon meets you right where you are on your home-decorating journey, helping you share the peace of Christ with family members and guests.

Home Made Lovely

If your home doesn’t make you happy, you might want to check out this book. Shannon shares her tips and ideas for home decorating and interior design to make your house a home. She also talks about hospitality and the difference between hospitality and entertaining.

Shannon teaches home decorating tips on her blog HomeMadeLovely.com. She is a Christian and as such, the book has a Christian slant. It’s not overly religious though. I appreciated her mentions of what the Bible says about home.

She definitely knows her stuff and I’m sure many people who plan to decorate their home will find this information invaluable. She does include a few budget-friendly decorating tips as well. However if you are unable to spend any money on decorating the book will be less helpful.

She doesn’t just give you information. There are spots to fill out forms with questions to help you work out what kind of house and design you have already and what design you want to have. You can make an actual plan for your house including lists of what you want changed and what money you need to budget for it and things like that.

The only thing I had trouble with is it used lots of design words I’ve never heard of like shiplapping, pie safes, porticos or coffered ceilings. The problem is these are not defined.

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