Digging Deep by Laura Scandiffio

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Digging Deep: How Science Unearths Puzzles From the Past by Laura Scandiffio

Digging Deep by Laura ScandiffioStars: ***

Annick Press (2019)
Children’s Nonfiction/Archaeology
116 pages

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Summary: Every archeological find adds to our understanding of the world, but sometimes a discovery is made that is so startling and different that it changes the way we view history. Digging Deep showcases the most exciting examples of these lost puzzle pieces and how recent advances in science brought them to light. From the new clues about life in the Stone Age gleaned from Ötzi the Ice Man, to new opinions about King Richard III’s villainous reputation deduced from the discovery of his long-lost tomb, Digging Deep is full of fascinating examples of how modern science has disrupted the status quo.

Digging Deep

Digging Deep is the story of six archaeological puzzles from the past and how more information was learned about them through advances in archaeological science. The book is designed for ages 10+ although I think it would be better for 12 and up just because of the advanced and scientific language.

Each story is explained in detail, with photographs and illustrations. Then you follow the story as the scientists use tools to find more information and put facts together to figure out what happened.

You’ll read about Otzi the Iceman, the discovery of the oldest poison, the lost cecities of Cambodia, the hunt for the lost ships HMS Erebus and Terror, the lost grave of Richard III and visit Chauvet Cave, where art began.

This is a good book for a tween or teen who has an interest in archaeology or even just likes learning more about the past in general. This will make a great addition to a school library as well.

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