Mailbox Monday – May 17

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This is the day when I highlight all the new books that have come into my house since the last time I participated. Mailbox Monday is hosted at The Printed Page. The books highlighted here came to me by author/publisher/publicist for review unless otherwise specified.

In the past 2 weeks:

C’mon Papa: Dispatches from a Dad in the Dark by Ryan Knighton
Knopf Canada/Random House – about a blind father!

The Invisible Gorilla: and Other Ways our Intuitions Deceive Us by Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simons
Crown/Random House – interesting studies of the human mind

U.N.I.Q.U.E.: Growing the Leader Within by Debra J. Slover AND U.N.I.Q.U.E. KIDS: Growing My Leadership Garden by Debra J. Slover
Set of two books, one for adult, one for child (8-12) about growing in to a leader

The Triumphant Child: Caring for your Newborn by Dr. Olson Huff and Nicole Rawson-Huff
Sixty-Second Parent – A guide for new parents

Melvin the Magnificent Molar by Julia Cook & Laura Jana, MD
National Center for Youth Issues – Cute picture book to help kids learn about their teeth

Alfred Zector Book Collector by Kelly DiPucchio
HarperCollins – picture book about a boy who collects books all his life but still feels empty and has to figure out why

Otto Grows Down by Michael Sussman
Otto makes a wish that his sister had never been born and then time starts moving backwards and Otto gets younger and younger!

Books Won:

Woman: An Intimate Geography by Natalie Angier.
 – I won this from Mrs. Q. Book Addict. It was my choice to have this book. I read it a long time ago and it’s my favourite nonfiction book. I wanted to own a copy so I chose it! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms by Erica Wells & Lorraine Regel
 – I won this through the #Survival4Mom twitter party in honour of the books release. It’s by @rookiemommy and @momsurvival

The Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy + cinderella shoe bookmark
 – I won this during Blogmania from Reading Teen.

Havoc at The Hillside Market by Melissa Halas-Liang
 – Won for being one of the first 50 bloggers to post about SuperKids Nutrition from a SheBlogs offer.

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