Mother Reader’s Comment Challenge Wrap-Up

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I signed up for the comment challenge during bloggiesta. That weekend I commented on 16 blogs. A day later I commented on 11 more and then the paper I was keeping track of got buried under some books (of course!) and I didn’t find it again until 2 days ago. Without my paper to remind me I forgot all about the challenge.

In fact I didn’t do the Thursday check in, not even once. I totally forgot.

But I didn’t want to end it saying I hadn’t made 100 comments so in the last 2 days I’ve been commenting like CRAZY!

Jan. 27 – 23 blogs
Jan. 28 – 50 blogs (yes 50 today!)

So I just finished commenting a minute ago but I made it, 100 blogs commented. I commented on the same blog only thrice, the other times were different blogs and I found some new blogs too.

Bookie Woogie, New Horizon Reviews, Books Like Breathing and Words, World and Wings are just some of them.

I had lots of fun and found it’s really not that much more work to comment. I found I commented more on non review posts. I’m going to make an effort to comment more.

The only thing I’m not as happy about is that I was hoping by signing up my blog would end up with more comments than usual but I must say everyone must have skipped my blog. I only visited a handful of the blogs signed up myself but I was hoping for more people to comment on my blog. Oh well, I still had fun!

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