Mailbox Monday – Dec 21/09

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I knew it had been a while since I’d done Mailbox Monday but I didn’t realize just HOW long. It’s been 4 months. It’s partly because I’ve been accepting less review copies lately and also I was going through a non-blogging phase. Anyways I’d like to start back up, if not every week, then every other or so.

Titles, author, summary and where it came from are below. The book titles are linked to where you can buy them and help support SMS Book Reviews. Money received through amazon will go towards sending giveaway books and the like.

See what everyone else got in the mail at The Printed Page.

In the last two weeks I received:

The Great Behavior Breakdown by B. Bryan Post
Lying, stealing, defiance, incessant chatter… presented here are 27 of the most serious, problematic and challenging behaviors that parents face and step-by-step guidance from America’s Foremost Child Behavior Expert on how to deal with them.
Received through Bostick Communications

Cowboy and Wills by Monica Holloway
When Monica learns her son Wills has an autism spectrum disorder she gets him pet after pet to try to distract him from the reality of his diagnosis. What Wills really wants though is a puppy and one Christmas, Cowboy Carol Lawrence joins their family.
Recieved through Simon & Schuster

Mrs. Claus Explains It All by Elsbeth Claus
Answers to the real questions kids ask about Santa Claus and the North Pole answered by Mrs. Claus herself!
Received through Sourcebooks Jabberwocky

Horrid Henry’s Christmas by Francesca Simon
Another four funny stories about Horrid Henry, this time for Christmas. I’ve reviewed other Horrid Henry books.
Recieved through Sourcebooks Jabberwocky

Happy, Sad, Silly, Mad: My World Makes Me Feel by John E. Mitchell and Jana Christy
A picture book to help preschoolers identify their feelings.
Received through Andrews McMeel Publisihing

Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Hilariously Wrong by Jen Yates
Just what it says. Started out as a blog, now a book, see the spelling errors, misunderstandings, design errors and more.
Received through Andrews McMeel Publisihing

The Psychiatrist Who Cured the Scientologist by Aaron David Gottfried
Step inside the misunderstood world of mental illness and the underground secrets of Scientology in the first-hand account of a walk on the extreme side of both. True story of a teenager trying to seek truth and finding himself going completely backwards in a downward spiral of curiousity, rebellion and fanatacism.
Received through direct contact with the author through my blog.

I missed talking about a whole bunch of books in the last four months and there is no way I could write about them all in this post but I just wanted to mention that I received a large amount of books and kits from Scholastic (Klutz and Chicken Socks) and those will be reviewed over the next few months.

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