Guest Post: Indigo Testing by Dr. Janine Talty, DO

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Indigo Testing

As the Indigo adults begin to identify themselves based on lists of characteristics found on the Internet and in some printed texts, where can they go to get validation for their suppositions? Who can they ask? How can they verify beyond a reasonable doubt if in fact they qualify to fit in this very narrow classification? Most have felt so ostracized by societal norms, how dare they actually consider they might finally fit into a recognized category. And most importantly, where can they go to find others of the same persuasion?

Finding a test to verify my supposition that I was an Indigo person became both my passion and biggest frustration when I came to suspect that I might be one of these people. How could I truly know for certain? In the metaphysical literature many were repeating a statement that was originally made by Drunvalo Melchizedek that people of this persuasion had upgraded DNA that explained their supernatural traits and abilities. He said these new beings had 26 base pairs of the DNA in the “on” position versus the usual 24 of normal people. As a physician I took his statement to heart but need to scientifically verify it before I could repeat it and perhaps find a simple blood test to test for it. I followed this lead all the way to the Human Genome Project that has been researching DNA characteristics since 1990 in an attempt to identify the 20,000 to 25,000 genes in human DNA but also to determine the sequence of the 3 billion base pairs that make it up. If anyone could verify these statements, they certainly seem capable I thought. I spoke to three different geneticists who had no idea what I was referring to. They needed to know which specific gene I was describing. Not having that specific information my only lead crumbled.

It wasn’t until I met Dr. Richard Boylan who has been researching what he calls the Star Kids and Star Seeds for nearly 25 years when I found my conformational tests. He developed a 54 question questionnaire along with a technique using dowsing rods that measures the individual’s bio-electromagnetic-photic field. Both combined give a high correlation of accuracy. The technology of dowsing for underground water or buried electrical lines is well accepted. Using the dowsing rods to measure the size and distance of the body’s bio-electromagnetic-photic field is not so well known, but very accurate with if performed by a skilled dowser. The questionnaire can be found either on his website; under “star kids questionnaire” at, or in my recently published book Indigo Awakening; A Doctor’s Memoir Of Forging An Authentic Life In A Turbulent World.

Dowsing can be easily learned by taking either two pieces of metal wire from a coat hanger or copper wire bent at a 90 degree angle, holding them lightly between your bent index finger and thumb pointed at the individual and simply ask the rods to show you a “yes” (they will separate out laterally) or a “no” (they will come together and cross). Concentration with intension is imperative for this exercise. If your grip is too tight they will not be free to move so it is always more accurate to place the portion of the wire you are holding in drinking straws so they move more freely. Once you have become proficient at communicating with your rods, stand at least 30 feet from the person you are attempting to measure and walk slowly toward them all the while asking the rods to show you the outermost margin of the person’s electromagnetic field. When the rods separate to the outside is where you begin your counting the distance away from the individual.

According to Dr. Boylan, a “regular USDA human’s” electromagnetic field can be measured 18” – 20” off the body. A Star Kid or Star Seed (Indigo; Blue Ray) is three meters (6 feet) and above. The largest field he has ever measured was an Italian young man at 54 feet. In my practice of physically “derailed” Indigo adults, I commonly find 15 to 22 feet.

Janine Talty, D.O., M.P.H.
Author of Indigo Awakening

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