BIP – #7-#11

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Boy have I been slacking. I haven’t done a BIP thing since week #6 (Social Media)

Here’s my attempt to catch up.

#7 – Make Your Blog More Comment-Able
I did do this a little. I changed my comment box to appear right on the webpage which I think is easier. I know I prefer it. I also added a top commentors widget to honour my commentors. I didn’t really see a rise in the number of comments I’ve recieved though so I think I need to work on this more.

#8 – Leaving Good Comments
I loved the youtube video, that was awesome. The whole article was great on leaving good comments. I’m pretty sure I do most of them already. Here are my answers to the questions posted in #8

“Do you keep track of the comments you leave on other blogs? How do you keep track? Do you think this is working?”

No I don’t keep track of the comments I leave on other blogs. If they reply to me by emailing me, then I see and/or respond to it. If they respond in the comments section, I usually don’t see it. Rarely do I make a point to go back and see responses.

I can’t do exactly what as #8 says but I will try to write more comments and better comments. I’ve started using firefox and downloaded the plugins to be able to comment easily while going through google reader although I haven’t tried it out yet so we’ll see.

#9 – Help Another Blog

I can’t really do this one as it had to be done at the time. However I do help other blogs other times. If there is a glaring error, I’ve emailed the blog owner to let them know or if a link doesn’t work for example.

#10 – Linking with Anchor Text

I actually learned about this recently. I am guilty of using the word “here” as a link way too much. I’ve since been trying to make all new links with proper anchor text. However I never thought about going back to fix old links until I read the post by Natasha, so thanks to her.

#11 – Book Reviews by the Numbers

This is a cool one. You can see what I did on the google doc of book reviews if you want. Might be boring to the average reader though. The example I picked wasn’t much different from mine even though it was more “professional” but some of the other ones were very different.

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