YUM: Your Ultimate Manual for Good Nutrition by Daina Kalnins, MSC, RD

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Stars: ****

Lobster Press 2008
Children’s Non-fiction (9-15)

192 pages

Summary: YUM: Your Ultimate Manual, explains how you can get exactly what your body needs from the foods you eat, it also shows you how to become a label-reading pro, gives you delicious recipes and suggestions from kids just like you, and empowers you with great tools, including an action plan, that will help get you on the road to finding your own healthy body balance.

I thought this was a great manual for teens on nutrition. It covers everything you need to know from macro nutrients (like protein, carbs and fats) to micro nutrients (like vitamins and minerals.) Also included is how to read a food label, how to identify healthy foods and how food is processed throughout our body.

We get to follow the food from your mouth right through to when your body expels it. It’s an interesting trip!

YUM is filled with fun facts and tips throughout and little quotes both from kids like you and from some celebrities.

Finally after learning all there is to learn the reader can take a pledge to eat better and then do a six month challenge to help you find and maintain your body balance.

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