April 2009 Review

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These are the books read in April 2009. PB means picture book. Picture books aren’t counted towards total pages read.

e.g. Title by Author (Challenges/Review Copy) (Pages)

NOTE: All the following books that aren’t picture books are being counted towards the 100+ Reading Challenge and some of them are for the A to Z challenge.

A Promise of Hope by Autumn Stringham (Review Copy) (283)
Towards Understanding by Lillian Brummett (Review Copy) (150)
Trash Talk by Dave and Lillian Brummett (Review Copy) (188)
10-10-10 by Suzy Welch (Review Copy) (250)
Barking Up the Right Tree by Jessie & Ruth Tschudin (What an Animal, Review Copy) (112)
Dewey by Vicki Myron (What an Animal) (276)
How To Talk to Anyone About Anything by Jill Spiegel (Review Copy) (112)

Total Books: 7 (4 during readathon)
Total Pages: 1371
Fav Read: A Promise of Hope by Autumn Stringham followed closely by 10-10-10 by Suzy Welch
Least Fav Read: Towards Understanding by Lillian Brummet (mostly because I’m not big on poetry)

Other Fun Facts:

Wow I did really poorly this month. I wasn’t reading great up till the readathon and then after that I barely read at all. I didn’t start reading a book after the readathon until the last few days of April and even then had trouble getting into anything. I’m getting a little better now that I’m reading some library books, and taking a break from review books for a week or two. I think I needed that break.

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