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It’s Blog Reader Appreciation Day and I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has EVER read my blog I also wanted to highlight a few people!

First of all I wanted to say thanks to the students who visit my blog because I reviewed a book they are studying in school. Most of them leave anonymous comments or if they don’t, I still have no way to contact them. Unless they are really into books they probably won’t come back but I still appreciate their visits all the same.

Here are two comments [left as is] I got on my review of Sounder by William H. Armstrong:
“My name is Marcus Powell and I am a 5th grade student, i want to know how you become a good writer and how can I become a good write. I am doing a project on book Sounders. Thank you”
“i am just now begining sounder for a 6th grade newberry project and i must say, so far i love it. it is very descriptive and im definataly going to keep reading it”

Next I’d like to mention some of my first commentors:

Jehara (who has her own book blog)
Joy (from Thoughts of Joy) welcoming me to the 2nds Challenge (my first challenge)
Sarah (from Pussreboots) after I joined my second challenge
Joana (from The Symposium) it was the first time I met her and we exchanged links
Marianne (from Reading, Writing and Stuff that Makes Me Crazy)
Darla (from nichtszusagen – a book blog)
Holly (of What Were You Expecting – a NON book blog and The Book Binge – a book blog LOL)

Thanks so much!

Finally I want to thank everyone else again. I don’t have anyway of knowing who my top commentor is but there are a few of you who comment a lot! I really appreciate it. I wish I had the money to hold a giveaway for you all! In fact I’d love to give all my readers a gift but that’s just not possible.
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