BIP Week 6 – Social Media

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Sorry I skipped Week 5. I didn’t feel like I had enough experience in ANY social media and although I was going to write up a general post about what social media I use I ran out of time.

However I did participate in Week 6 and for the last three weeks (all considered week 6) I’ve started using a new social media tool that is so new, I’m sure very few have heard of it.

It’s called Likaholix and it’s all about connecting with people who like the same things you do.

My user account is here, callista83. Make sure you check out my current like (especially you Kim.) You can like ANYTHING. Blogs, websites, food, restaurants, buildings, drinks, video games, books… ANYTHING!

You can import your reviews from Yelp (whatever that is) or Amazon and you can share your likes on Facebook, Twitter or FriendFeed.

If you have enough likes in one category you can be a tastemaker (I’m a book tastemaker)

There is also a contest to win a Kindle.

I also used Twitter more, including installing TweetDeck which I highly recommend. For those new to Twitter who don’t get the big deal, you will once you start using TweetDeck.

If you do use TweetDeck, be sure to check out How To TweetDeck Like a Pro.

I’ve had fun working with social media more.

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