Saturday Search – Feb 7

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Sorry for skipping January without warning. I hope at least some people are interested in doing this with me. I know quite a few of you already do it, now if you can just do it the first Saturday of the month :)

So what were people searching for when they came across your site?

Post a list of a few of the search terms used to find your site. Especially any very interesting ones. You can also include a blurb about where to find the item if it is on your site or what you think made the search engine drop them off at your site or any other comments. See mine below.

If want to participate, write up a post and come back here to leave your link in the comments. Make sure you link to the ACTUAL POST for your Saturday Search and not to your main url. Then go visit the others!

My Searches

The Time Capsule Lurlene McDaniel Banned
I’ve never heard of it being banned. So no I don’t think it is.

The Sky is Falling by Kit Pearson Movie
My review is here. I’ve heard nothing of a movie although I’m sure it and it’s follow up would make an okay movie.

review of the rock by Paul Kropp
I reviewed a book by him but not Rock. I reviewed nonfiction, Rock is one of his YA books.

sms books
Were they looking for me?? I get so many sms searches.

sms on physical hurt

brook noel catch it collectors
You can find out ALL about them in The Change Your Life Challenge. You missed my giveaway though.

will radiation hurt baby
This book I reviewed will answer the question and more.You can find information on radiation and unborn babies here.

cute ways to write the alphabet
Oh I don’t know, make each letter into an animal or person maybe? Or use different colours or rainbow letters?

See you March 7!

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