Girls Inc.Presents: You’re Amazing by Claire Mysko

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Stars: ***1/2

Summary: You’ve heard it all before: Get good grades. Keep your room clean. Wear the right clothes. Try out extracurricular activities. And why don’t you have a boyfriend? All these demands can be totally overwhelming! What’s a girl to do? Girls Inc. Presents: You’re Amazing! Is a guide to help you deal with the amount of pressure you endure to be “perfect.” In this fun, enthusiastic, tell-it-like-it-is book, you’ll get advice on not-so-easy topics, including how to: Deal with stereotypes and cliques, figure out the best way to balance school and a social life, navigate the crushes and dating world and find a place in your family. Packed with guidance from older teens, female role models, and activities from Girls Inc., this inspiring fun-to-read book is truly a guide to being your very best – and happiest – self.

This guide for teen girls shows you the difference between Amazing Girl and Supergirl. Amazing Girl asks questions, tries new things, is proud of her accomplishments, knows how to set boundaries and say no and more. Supergirl is afraid of not knowing the “right” answer, keeps it to herself when she’s stressed or sad, wishes she could be smarter/prettier/more popular/more athletic etc…. The book shows how a girl can become an amazing girl.

Throughout the book are little sections such as Survey Says (results of the big survey Girls. Inc. did), Try This (activities and quizzes inspired by Girls. Inc. programs), Advice from Amazing Girls (true stories and amazing advice from girls who have been there), Role Model Remedies (successful women tell the real deal about what makes them amazing.) Journal It (thoughtful questions and space to answer them) and Instant Messages (helping you to communicate with family, friends, adults and even media.)

Although this book is based on Girls Inc., which is a program in the USA, the book itself is useful to any teen girl (at least in [developing countries?]) Topics include: Stereotypes and Labels, Looks, School, Friends, Crushes/Dating and Relationships, Talents, Family, Tough Breaks, Priorities, Stress and The Future. There is also a resources section with websites and phone numbers that may be of help to you.

To: an adult you trust
From: AmazingGirl101
Subject: The Road to Success

What would you say is your greatest success? What were the risks involved in pursuing that goal? What is your personal definition of success?

To: Magazine Editors
From: AmazingGirl101

The things in your magazine that make me feel good about my looks are: ________________________________________

The things that make me feel bad about my looks are: ________________________________________
I would like to see these changes:

At the beginning of each chapter is the survey says section, which highlights some stats from the big study they did. For example:

71 percent of girls aspire to go to college after high school graduation.
55 percent of girls said that they feel stressed about not being able to do everything their teachers want them to do.

Overall I think it’s a pretty great book that I will be holding on to until my girls are teens!

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