Saddle Up Your Own White Horse by Saundra Pelletier

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Subtitle: 5 Principles Every Woman Needs to Know

Stars: ****

Summary: We women have all the power, knowledge, and confidence necessary to create the life we want – without relying on a man to do it for us. We just need to learn to use our innate gifts and start living deliberately today.

The above is from the back of the book, but it’s not very descriptive. In this book you will learn what a women’s innate gifts are and how to use them to have balance in your life and feel comfortable with how your life is going. The book does talk about career a lot which didn’t apply to me as a Stay at Home Mom but the book is definitely not JUST for career women. By the same measure, there is mention of children, but you don’t have to have children to benefit from this book. The book encompasses all women.

I enjoyed this book. It’s important to remember that we are Women, not just men’s sidekicks. We are our own person and we have feelings and rights too. The book espouses the belief that a woman doesn’t need a man to be whole but this isn’t a feminist book.

Topics include being a Deliberate Creator, using our innate gifts (multitasking and intuition), leading in our relationships with men, creating a cavalry (people to help us) and mastering the three C’s (Confidence, Credit and Comfort with Success.

There are some points from this book that I will be thinking more on for sure.

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