January is ARC Reading Month

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Well for me anyways. The ARC Reading Challenge will help me read some but 12 in a year will not get me caught up since I’ll keep requesting and accepting them. So in January, I pledge to read no more than 3 non ARC books. It’s my goal to catch up a little bit more so that authors, publishers and publicists aren’t waiting too long.

Want to Join Me?

If you want to join me, great! Just let me know. You can save the button and use it on your blog.
Why January? Most of your challenges have finished, many are just starting and so you have plenty of time to work on them and as far as I know, none end in January so you don’t have that mad rush. To get a fresh start in the new year as well. I think January is perfect!
What Are You Doing?
I’m reading as many ARCS in January as possible. You can keep track either in your ARC Reading Challenge or if you aren’t participating in that then you can make a list of your own. You don’t have to though! You don’t even have to keep track of how many you read. It’s an event, not a challenge. Participate however you want!

For a list of my current ARCs (and review books) kept up to date, see my ARC Reading Challenge post.

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