Disney Princess Write-With-Me Alphabet

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I received this learning package from Front Street Reviews and this review was posted there first.

Stars: ***

Written by Laura Gates Galvin
Editor: Brian E. Giblin
Book Design: Katie Sears
Published by Studio Mouse 2008

Included: Book, Two Write-On/Wipe-Off Pens, Learning CD and Stickers all in a zippered case.

This is a really cute learning book for kids who are into Disney Princesses. On each page, the letter is shown (e.g. Kk) along with a sentence (e.g. K is for King, Kiss and Keepsake) and then pictures of each of those items with the occasional little sentence for harder words (e.g. Ariel kept the dinglehopper she found as a keepsake.) Then the bottom 1/3 of the page is where your child can practice her letters. There are four sets of three letters. First you trace over the solid black lines where there are arrows and numbers to show you where to trace. Then there are three solid grey letters to trace and then three letters made of dotted lines and finally a blank space to write the letter themselves.

There are two pages of 41 stickers at the back that the kids can use to decorate their work. These are not reusable stickers though so once they are on, they are on. The two pens are fine tipped but did not wipe off as easily as I would have liked. The pages of the book are thick cardboard, which is good for young children who can be rough with books unintentionally.

The product says not for children under 3 because of small parts which IO assume would be the pens and stickers but with proper supervision would be okay for advanced two year olds.

The accompanying CD includes 5 tracts. 1, 2 and 5 are singing about learning to write your alphabet with the princesses and is cute. Tract 3 is instructions on how to use the book. Tract 4 is the story as it is in the book (i.e. A is for…, B is for…) with pings to tell you when to turn the page.

There is however one thing I didn’t like about it. The letters are shown in script and then the sentences and practice is in print. So the letter E is shown with curved edges and then they are supposed to practice writing the E the way it’s shown here, with right angles and straight lines. Overall though it’s a pretty nice kit.

UPDATE: This portion isn’t on my Front Street Review but since my daughter’s been using it a bit we’ve noticed that if you don’t wipe away the marker right away, it doesn’t come off and the markers won’t be lasting very long, we can see that already. So I lowered the rating to 3 stars.

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