Kill Word Verification!

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Bethany of B&b Ex Libris has created a graphic which she hopes will become a movement! You know those letters you have to type in a box whenever you comment on some blogs? Aren’t they annoying? I really dislike having to do those, especially since most of the time I can’t read them. I never understood that. Isn’t the point that spambots can’t read the graphic? If they can’t read any graphic, why does it have to be unreadable to us?

Gautami, from whom I heard of this has posted how to make sure your word verification is turned off in blogger. Now I must say, I am SORRY to everyone who has ever commented here. I honestly thought I had that turned off but apparently I haven’t. It is now turned off! Woohoo!

So please turn off your word verification unless you truly get TONS of spam. Also write up a post about this to tell others!

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