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Well this is my first time participating. Although I do get newsletters with upcoming books, I’m not usually into most of them. However there were a few books mentioned in magazines that I’ve read lately that I’d be interested in reading.

Not Guilty by Debbie Travis

There is a book excerpt in the November 08 issue of Today’s Parent. I don’t normally read books about life from celebrities but this one seems down to earth and very interesting.

The Man Who Forgot How to Read by Howard Engel

There is a book excerpt in the October 08 issue of Reader’s Digest. It’s about an author (see below) who had a stroke that among other things, robbed him of the ability to read. (I don’t even want to imagine!)

Memory Book by Howard Engel

Howard Engel’s first work of fiction since his stroke. (see above) Although it is fiction, parts of it are taken from his experiences.

East of Suez by Howard Engel

The sequel to Memory Book, published just this year.

The book of the four I most want to read? The Man Who Forgot How to Read by Howard Engel. I love non-fiction, especially about things such as this.

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