I Sleep at Red Lights by Bruce Stockler

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Stars: *****

I thought I’d already posted this review, oops. This book is being counted towards the Non-Fiction Five.

Summary: Bruce Stockler captures the chaos, joy and challenges of becoming the father of triplets in this hilarious, fast-paced, and refreshingly honest memoir. From the moment Stockler and his wife ,Roni, learn they have hit the fertility jackpot, their lives are turned upside down. The day the babies are born—in an operating room bustling with 30 doctors, nurses and technicians—is the first jolt in a physical and emotional roller-coaster ride. And every day following continues to reveal one unpredictable twist after another. Just going to the supermarket and keeping the kids—and the store—safe from disaster is like an episode from an adventure story. When the triplets start to walk, and explode in three directions at once, they quickly learn to exploit their newfound freedom at every possible turn.

I love reading books about multiples. Before I had any kids I always said I wanted twins but now that I’ve given birth to two children, I don’t wish for them quite so much. I can’t even imagine having triplets but I still love reading multiple memoirs. I’ve read quite a few that are not reviewed here. (yet)

It was refreshing to read a parenting book from the father’s point of view. This is a rare occurence in this world although it’s happening more and more frequently. He’s got just the right amount of humour and just the right amount of seriousness and he knows when to dish out each. Bruce tells it like it is, which caused me to roar with laughter on many occasions. I’m sure it wasn’t funny to him at the time but I hope he can laugh at it himself now. The only problem with mutliple memoirs is I always wonder how the kids are doing now and most of the time there is nothing on the net about them.

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