School Starts at Home by Cheri Fuller

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I read this book for the 888 Challenge.

This book is part of a three part series on helping your kids become school savvy.* My kid’s aren’t in school and I’m planning on homeschooling them but I figured the book might have some ideas for a homeschooler as well and I was right. In fact it even mentions homeschoolers on the very first page. (Well first page of main text, it’s actually page 11.)

Topics covered include Parental Involvement, Stable Home Environment, Preschoolers, Raising Readers, Raising Writers, Music and Your Child’s Learning, Math Skills, Good Study Habits, Helping Your Child to Retain Information, Parent-Teacher Connection, Learning in the Summer and Learning, Love and Family life.

Although the book’s focus in on schools, it’s also on what you can do at home with your child to supplement their school learning and to help them do well in school so some of the activities mentioned can be used with homeschoolers. Also the parts on Study Habits and Retaining Information would be useful to a homeschoolers while Parent-Teacher Connection wouldn’t be. So while this isn’t a book for homeschoolers specifically, it does have some helpful information.

I can’t say how helpful the advice is for your child going to school because I’m not in the position but from what I remember about school (which wasn’t that long ago) and what worked for me, I do believe this book would be a great help.

* The other books in the series are Talkers, Watchers, and Doers and Raising Motivated Kids, both also by Cheri Fuller although she has written a few others book as well.

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