My First Year as a Teacher by Pearl Rock Kane

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Stars: *****

This book was read for the Numbers Challenge, (We decided to count words like First and Third,) and the 888 Challenge.

I REALLY enjoyed this book. I have always wanted to be a teacher except that I don’t agree with almost everything in the school system. However I love reading about teaching and learning new things so that I can attempt to homeschool my children.

This book is an anthology of short stories from teachers all across the U.S.A. telling what they remember most from their first year of teaching and what they learned. Some of the stories are about one specific student or incident and some of the stories cover many little things that span the whole first year. All but one gave really great advice and I am interested in checking out another book from the My First Year series titled My First Year as a Doctor.

If you are a teacher or are thinking about being a teacher, I recommend this book.
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