Believing in Books: The Story of Lillian Smith by Sydell Waxman

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Stars: *****

Summary: “This is the story of Lillian Smith, who as a child experienced [the love of books] so strongly that she grew up determined to bring books and children together. In the early 1900s, a time when most people thought children’s books were not important, she became the first children’s librarian in the British Empire. Eventually, she introduced the importance of children’s literature to people around the world. Libraries everywhere have her enduring mark. How did she start a revolution for children’s books? How did she share her love of reading with the world?”

I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of Lillian Smith before. Anyone who has ever used a library as a child has her to thank. Anyone who reads and/or is interested in children’s books should read this book. It was extremely interesting.

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