Dragons, Dragons & other creatures that never were by Eric Carle

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Stars: *** ½

This book was read for the Celebrate the Author challenge and the Here Be Dragons challenge.

This children’s book is a compilation of poems about mythological creatures and Deities such as Pan, the Hippogriff, Basilisk, Manticore, Pegasus, Unicorn, Yeti and even the Kracken (think Pirates of the Caribbean.) The actual poems weren’t written by Eric Carle but he did all the illustrations in his typical tissue paper way. The poems were written by different people from different decades, one as early as 1907, but most between 1960-1991. Some of the poets include Elizabeth Barrett Browning, The Book of Job, Anne McCaffrey, William Shakespeare and Paul Fleishman.

There are three poems about dragons, one at the front of the book, one at the back of the book and one in the middle that is part of a centerfold.
Whether these creatures or real or not, I leave up to you. This would be a good book for a child 8-12 who is interested in mythological creatures.

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