Leaving Simplicity by Claire Carmichael

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Stars: ****

I got this book for review from Annick Press. I also read it as part of the Baby Steps challenge and Unread Authors challenge.

This book was very interesting. I’m not usually one for Science Fiction type books, especially ones that depict a very high tech future, however this one intrigued me. In this “near-future” advertising has taken on a whole new meaning. Cars have ID so that when you go through a Drive-Thru, a sign overhead can greet you by name. It also automatically debits your account when you make a purchase. Children are outfitted with Safety Sentinel’s which is basically a GPS tracker to keep track of where your children are. There are ads on the back of cars so the car behind it can see them. There are large ads on the sides of buildings. Life-sized dummies just inside stores talk about the stores features and sales. It’s crazy!

Not only is the world crazy with advertising and high-tech gadgets, but Taylor’s cousin Barrett, who was raised in rural isolation, comes to live with them. He’s used to living without electricity or modern amenities so the world is quite a shock to him. Ad execs are very interested in the impressions of someone who hasn’t seen ads before, but they go to far.

The chapters are told by either Taylor or Barrett, switching throughout the book. Personally I like books that do this as it seems more fair, instead of reading only one person’s point of view.

This book is appropriate for ages 12 and up and would be a good read before a parent-child discussion on advertising. The story is gripping and thought-provoking.
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