Through a Brief Darkness by Richard Peck

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Stars: *****

This book was read for the Reading the Author challenge.

I had major Deja Vu when reading this book. I think I may have read it before but I couldn’t remember what happened before it happened so if I did, it was many years ago. This is the first Richard Peck I’ve ever read and I loved it.

It’s the story of Karen Beatty who after switching schools many times, is called into the Principal’s office and told her father’s secretary called and she is to take her passport and leave school immediately. She is met at the Airport by a new employee of her dad’s she’s never met before and is sent off to London. She is told little, mostly just that she’s going to live with her cousins for a while till her dad contacts her. There is something very strange about her cousins and the whole situation but by the time she figures things out, she’s running for her life.

It was very involving, I had trouble putting it down which doesn’t usually happen with teen fiction, no matter how good it is. I hope the rest of Richard Peck’s books are this good.

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