R.I.P. II Challenge Done

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My third challenge done (second posted about.)

I managed to finish Black Creek Crossing and the Ghost-Hunter’s Handbook before Oct. 31, I just haven’t posted the reviews yet. I also read Something Wicked This Way Comes and The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury.

The internet isn’t working right here at my parents house so I haven’t gotten much done even when I do get over here. It’s very frustrating. So expect a bunch of reviews as soon as the internet starts working right!

Now back to the RIP challenge. I enjoyed doing it, Black Creek Crossing by John Saul and The Ghost-Hunter’s Handbook by Herbie Brennan were the best. It was a good challenge as I read books I normally wouldn’t and I even got a new author out of it! I’ll be reading more John Saul.

I look forward to it next year.

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