The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards

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Stars: ****

This book was read for the Unread Authors Challenge and because I won it in a contest.

I actually read this a few months ago but didn’t get a chance to review it.

I really enjoyed this book, the storyline was very well thoughtout and very interesting. My only problem with this book was it was a little long. I like books that cut to the chase and don’t have a lot of insignifcant detail (like Ray Bradbury.) I think a few chapters could have been cut from this book and it would still have been fine.

The story is about a couple who have twins but one (the girl)is born with Down’s Syndrome. Trying to spare the wife pain, the husband (who also delivered the babies) sends the girl away with the nurse to be put into a home. The wife is told the little girl died at birth. Meanwhile the nurse just can’t put the baby in the home so she runs away with the girl and raises her herself.

I definitely recommend this book, it was well written, Kim Edwards did a great job and I hope she writes more.

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