The Witches by Roald Dahl

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Stars: ****

I read this book for my banned books challenge.

When I picked this book up I didn’t realize it was the book version of a movie I had seen a few times and enjoyed. I had no idea the movie was based on a book, let alone this one. It was a pleasant surprise. The book and movie are quite alike. In the book, witches live all over the place and are disguised as regular women.

They hold an annual meeting where the grand high witch gives all the witches of a country their orders for the next year. Witches are really another species, naturally bald, with claws and no toes and they make children disappear. The story is told by a little boy who had an encounter with witches and just barely lived to tell about it.

I think it’s a great story for children as long as they don’t scare easily and realize it’s all just make believe.

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