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Cool challenge! Read a book in another language.

I’m reading: La Escalera Misteriosa by Edith Checa which is online here.

My first language is English, I learned some French in school and some Spanish on my own.

The story is about a 12 year old who’s grandmother’s house is mysterious. He has 6 siblings. The staircase is mysterious, but I couldn’t understand totally why. I did catch that it makes a weird sound.

In the fridge is some kind of chocolate, condensed milk, pastries, cheese and some other things. I think somebody or something stole his lunch. He played with his brother’s cats. He named some body parts but I didn’t understand what about them.

The cats of the house are all talking but I’m not sure what they are talking about. I can only catch a few words but they don’t seem to make sense together.

The longer into the story I got, the less I understood. So I have no idea how it ended or what the rest of it was about. But that’s why it’s a challenge right?

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