The Canine Connection by Betsy Hearne

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Stars: ****
The subtitle reads Stories About Dogs and People. It is marketed as a book for ages 10-14 but I do not agree with that. I’d say 15 and up. The stories are not all happy endings, some are quite sad and upsetting.
I was shocked to discover at the end of the book that the stories, while based on truth, didn’t happen exactly as written. The truth was fictionalized to make it sound better. I must admit that the author does a wonderful job of telling stories, I just wish they had more truth to them.
To give you an example of why these stories are not for the young, here a synopsis of some of the stories: girl brings dog to hospital to visit sick kids, girl is blinded during an earthquake and gets a sight dog, guy running from gangs and drug dealers (it just says bad people, doesn’t specify) gets a dog to protect him and a lost dog is seen on the side of the road and left there. These are just some of the stories. There are some happy stories too but most are sad.
Overall this was a good book and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the stories but I do not recommend it for those under 15.
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