On Beyond a Million by David M. Schwartz

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Stars: ****

This is a kid’s book explaining numbers bigger than a million. I’ve always wanted to know what was after trillion. It’s introduced using powers of ten, a concept not generally introduced till high school but easily understood in this book.

Interesting facts are interspersed about numbers so you can envision how big a number is.
For example: Everyday, 37 000 000 (37 million) Tootsie Rolls come rolling out of the factory. The book is written like a comic, so it would be interesting to those who don’t like lots of words in paragraphs. It explains that infinity is not actually a number, nor is bajillion or zillion or gazillion. The final page explains that no matter what number you have, there is always one bigger.

This was a great book that would be helpful in homeschooling or just supplement to your child’s math at school.

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