From One Child to Two by Judy Dunn

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Stars: *****

The subtitle is What to expect, how to cope and how to enjoy your growing family. This was a great resource, but I wish I had read it while I was still pregnant. It has sections on your second pregnancy and how it may or will be different from your first. It also has pointers on preparing for the arrival, what it will be like at the hospital and if and how you may want to bring your firstborn to see the baby. Then it talks about when you come home and the first three weeks with two children. Then in goes on about the first year and the growing relationship between siblings. It explains common reactions from your first to your second child and how to deal with them. Also how their relationship will continue to grow and most importantly, that how your firstborn reacts early on doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with their relationship later on.

There is also a section on conflict and rivalry and siblings’ individuality. There is also one chapter for those who’s second pregnancy is twins.

The sections that covered what I already went through described perfectly what happened and the ones that I’ve yet to go through (when the second born is older) had great info and ideas on what to expect and what to do to help their relationship grow.

Recommended for all second time parents.

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