A History of Fashion from Loincloths to Lycra by Jacqueline Morley

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Part of the Panorama Series.
Created and Designed by David Salariya
A MacDonald Young Book.

Stars: ***

The book is divided into the following sections: Ancient Times, Byzantium and the Dark Ages, The Middle Ages, The End of the Middle Ages, The 16th Century, the 17th Century, the 18th Century, Revolution: 1789 to 1815, The Early 19th Century, the Crinonline 1850-1870, The Bustle 1870 to 1900, The Last of Luxury, The Twenties, the Thirties, The Forties, The Fifties, the Sixties and Seventies, the Eighties and Nineties, Fashion Facts, Glossary and Index.

Each section features a timeline of clothes across the top of the spread so you can see how the fashions change. Down the right hand side is a short explanation of the fashion. (e.g. Italian fashions were not as extreme as elsewhere in Europe or Fur-trimmed evening coat. Hemlines are becoming longer again.) There are a few paragraphs of introduction to the common fashion themes of that timeperiod and two larger drawings with labels of each part.

It’s an alright introduction to fashion but would be hard to follow for anyone under age 12. Large terms are used and not explained well.

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