Without Apology: Girls, Women and the Desire to Fight by Leah Hager Cohen

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Stars: *****

I first got interested in boxing while reading an article in a Reader’s Digest magazine so I went looking for books on women’s boxing. This was the first one I found. It is not just about boxing but about women’s desire to fight but I like reading books about society. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I learned more about boxing and also why girls and women are interested in boxing. It’s the story of the author and how she got in the lives of some girls and their coach at a small boxing club. She ends up being interested in boxing herself and joins them, training and eventually sparring. Meanwhile those around her lost interest.

She cites other books about the desire of women to fight of which a few I am now going to read. As a Girl Guide leader I work with girls and this book has provided a little insight into their minds. The society I live in is nothing like the society of these girls but girls all over the world are alike in some ways and I was reminded of this as I read. Anyone interested in women’s boxing, women’s need to fight (not only physically), women’s anger or women’s sociology in general should read this book.

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